Lake Sentani Festival, 2016- Come And See

Lake Sentani Festival, 2016- Come And See

Lake Sentani Festival 2016. This festival is an annual event that has been held annually since 2007. This activity is already included in the travel calendar. in previous festivals, this event followed by many Dutch tourists and locals alike.

Lake Sentani Festival is always held every year, precisely in mid-June. The festival is filled with
traditional dances on a boat, a war dance typical of Papua, traditional ceremonies such as the coronation Ondoafi, and serving a variety of typical culinary Papua.
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Lake Sentani Festival Carnival followed by the whole community in Jayapura and Jayapura City. Of each community both from outside Papua and Papua himself who participated in these performances featuring traditional culture, traditional dances to the accompaniment of folk songs.

The festival is evidence of maintenance of unity among ethnic, racial, religious. Nationalism is very strong standing among fellow, given in Papua consists of hundreds of small tribes who sometimes easy conflict .Three agenda item fetival Lake Sentani, besides carnival archipelago of which is cultural performances, art exhibitions Papua, and tour excursions.

Lake Sentani Festival in 2016 on the theme "One In Diversity achieve Greatness (One in Diversity achieve Greatness)". The significance of this theme is how culture has a deep meaning to human life in the seven elements of language, Livelihoods, Technology, system organization, Faith and the Arts, to be able to create conditions to prosper in terms of quality of life, both physical and spiritual.

The essence of a civilized society is increasingly prosper essence of life itself. Develop and preserve culture also means developing welfare.

So in the event the Lake Sentani Festival will be able to improve the welfare of the community, not only at the time of the festival takes place but also after implementation, as expected tourists will be more familiar with the potentials possessed by the people, especially the culture, craft products and the potential for beauty nature and hospitality owned, so it will be more and more tourists coming.


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