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Unknown, therefore unloved ... but although familiar, sometimes not pity, but not a problem .. Well Buddy ORARI wherever you are, far or near, I may be a newcomer, which my membership expired as of March 18, yesterday (this year 2016). And while it is still in the process of renewal.
Hopefully, this was quickly solved by the local board of amateur Digoel. So that I can be relieved.
This blog I offer to my own, and if there is useful for you, it is your good because I actually still many shortcomings in terms of science or branch of electronic my radio itself is still in the learning phase. Please understand.
Here are a few pictures of my profile as introdustion.and hopefully we can meet even via radio.
This Is My DXHC Award from Hamsphere Radio, I hope I can get award again on the future.

This is an my amateur license an still alert level/ newbe/beginer

And the letter, A membership Card.
I say to you, welcome to my blog, and Greetings.

Best Regards
Andi Yank Aryanto

Created On Thursday, May 19, 2016


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